Early Canton, Kansas

Early pioneers heading west, no doubt some following the Santa Fe Trail, staked claim to property that eventually became known as the City of Canton.

Squire Holmes, who came to the area from Canton, Ohio, named the township and later the city - Canton - because he loved the name. 

After the Santa Fe Railroad was completed to this place and the village had grown to over 300 inhabitants, it was declared and corporated as a city of the third class on July 16, 1880. 

The first  mayor and five council members were elected on August 2, 1880, and their first order of business was to pass the first city ordinance "An Ordinance Concerning Intoxicating Liquors" on August 31, 1880.

In the newly organized city, the first to engage in business was W.H. George, M.D., who erected a
building to be used as a drug store and office, with J.C. Hall to assist in the care of the store.

John Murphy established the first grocery in town followed by general merchandise stores, clothing stores, blacksmith shops, and other necessary suppliers.

The first hotel was the old Perine house located on the present site of the Christian Church. 

In 1880 the first newspaper was founded in Canton by Amos Baurn and was called the Canton Monitor.

Women began taking an active part in government in 1890 when Mrs. Belle Gray was elected mayor of the city