Canton Planning Commission

  In 1974, Ordinance No. 393 was approved that allowed for the creation of the Canton Planning Commission.

The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.  Five of the seven members must be residents of the City and two members must reside outside the City but live within three miles of the corporate limits of the City.

The Planning Commission shall make recommendations to the City Council regarding zoning changes or variances within the corporate limits of the City.
Current Canton Planning Commission members are:  Earl Maltbie-Term expires January 9, 2015- City
                                                                                      Jeff McMannis -Term expires January 9, 2015- City
                                                                                      Julie Grill -Term expires January 9, 2015-City
                                                                                      Patrick Johnson-Term expires January 9, 2015-City         
                                                                                      Owen Meier-Term Expires January 9, 2015-City
                                                                                      Brenda Vogts-Term expires January 9, 2015-Rural
                                                                                      Tom Kueser-Term expires January 9, 2015-Rural